Imagine a streetwear clothing brand whose name evokes the light of the world. Clothing designed to accompany you in all your explorations reflecting your identity and your style.


It all started in the south of France, first inspired by its warm and sunny environment, Global light and its founders traveled. They travel the world in search of inspiration, their adventures nourish their creativity and allow them to create collections that tell stories of encounters and discoveries.
Global Light believes in the power of the collective, friendship, encounters, travel and celebration. These values ​​are at the heart of her identity, infusing a contagious passion into everything she does.


Global Light, much more than a clothing brand, is a movement that transcends borders.
"From the South to the World" sounds like a call to share this overflowing energy with every corner of the globe.
Each garment carries this light which spreads over the world.
They symbolize openness, freedom and the celebration of life. By wearing Global Light, everyone becomes an ambassador of this positive spirit. The clothes are much more than a simple expression of style, they reflect a philosophy of life, a state of mind resolutely turned towards discovery and sharing.